Equipment Finance Loan

EQUIPMENT Finance generally is a loan utilised for the purchase of new or used Equipment or Motor Vehicles, such as:

Yellow Goods: Earth moving Machinery and Equipment such as bobcats, loaders and excavators. Agricultural Machinery and Equipment like tractors, harvesters and sprayers.

Heavy Trucks: Prime movers, trailers and accessories

Machinery and Plant: Generators, Conveyors, Plant Fitouts

Motor Vehicles: Any new or used motor vehicle including older models and can be purchased from dealer or private



Benefits of equipment Finance:

  • Purchase the equipment and use its value as collateral.
  • You can adjust your repayment amount by choosing how much residual (leftover amount) you pay or refinance at the end of the term.
  • You own the equipment throughout its useful life.
  • Tax deductible repayments for business use.
  • Maximise your cash flow to better operate your business.

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